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Sentry insurance website

New website for a large US insurance company

Agency: FutureBrand  |  My role: lead UI
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Sentry are a large, traditional insurance firm in the US. They commissioned FutureBrand in New York to transform their visual identity, from gun-toting guard to an emphasis on friendly dialogue. As part of the rebranding exercise, their digital presence has been redesigned from the ground up. Working with FutureBrand's NYC studio and their digital lab in London, I led the visual design for Sentry's new website. UX was provided by Genuine in Chicago – a truly transatlantic effort.

The homepage on a mobile device

While the new brand is relatively conservative, accentuating Sentry's stability in a changing world, I was able to work with its distinctive title font to help differentiate the site from its competitors. I also pushed the use of ample white space to give a sense of calm, and utilised the quotes graphical device where possible.

An example of a product overview page


To help the new site feel fresh and contemporary, I designed the search facility in a high-contrast overlay that slides in from the top of the screen:

The search results page, with filters

At tablet portrait and mobile breakpoints, the search and navigation are both contained in a tray that slides in from the right edge:

Search on a tablet in portrait mode

Other pages

I designed numerous other templates, which were put together from a library of components. The 'biography' template is the single most prevalent page on the new site.

Biography template

The 'Why Sentry?' page is more playful than most, as demonstrated in this video:

App concept designs

As part of the project, I also wrote a style guide to help Sentry with the design of future digital products. One section of the style guide deals with native mobile apps, so I created some screens to show how the brand might be applied to an iOS app. As there was no brief for this exercise, I imagined what features this app might contain:

App home screen Find an agent Risk meter Get in touch for my latest work

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