The National Lottery app home screen

Official National Lottery app

Redesign of the National Lottery app home screen, ahead of a major reimagining of the app

Agency: Camelot in-house  |  My role: lead UI

The official National Lottery app has a troubled past, with poor reviews and negative publicity. I was initially tasked with undertaking a minor redesign of the home screen, as a 'quick win' to help improve perception of the product. The redesigned home screen has a flexible space that can be used to promote upcoming draws, and to display results.

Three home screen promos

Complete reimagining of the app

Most of my time at Camelot was taken up with designing a future vision for the app. Working closely with an excellent UX designer, Stuart Neale, we devised a completely new approach which is much more contemporary and engaging. If you would like to know more about this project, please get in touch.

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