Mozart native iOS app

Mozart collection companion app

A native iOS app to accompany a major release of Mozart's operas

Agency: WLP & Scramboo  |  My role: Lead UI & UX
Available with purchase of the Mozart 225 collection Tablet Mobile

To celebrate Mozart's 225th anniversary, Decca Classics and Deutsche Grammophon released a complete collection of his operatic works on an incredible 200 CDs. As a gift to opera buffs, they also commissioned an iOS app containing transcripts of all the works.

I began the design process by sketching and then working up a set of wireframes describing a series of user journeys through the app.

Some of the high-fidelity wireframes I created

Once the IA and wireframes were approved, initial development work begain and I moved on to the visual design. I created a user interface that is simple and logical, and clearly aligned with the box set packaging.

The user needs to enter a code on first use

Owners of the collection can activate the app by entering a special code that came with their purchase.

The home screen, with trays of works sorted by type

Upon tapping on one of the homepage icons, the user is presented with a popup containing a list of contents for the work. Where the work contains multiple acts, the individual contents of each act can be viewed.

Tapping on an opera icon brings up a listing popup A layered approach

Tapping on an item takes the user to the relevant transcript. There are three modes for viewing the text:

  1. Dark text over a white background (default)
  2. Light text over a dark background
  3. Live performance mode – with minimal contrast for viewing at performances
Three reading modes

iPad version

There is an iPad version of the app, for more relaxed reading at home.

The home screen on an iPad A listing popup on an iPad The dark reading mode on an iPad Get in touch for my latest work

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