PwC Startup journey web app

Startup journey web app

A web app from PwC aimed at helping startups

Agency: Pollen8  |  My role: lead UI
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As part of a strategy to reach out to new audiences, PwC worked with Pollen8 to create Startup journey – a web app designed to help young, new companies with the complexities of running a business.

The initial landing page design

The initial plan was to create a completely new brand for the project, with the simple working title of 'Journey'. I designed a visual identity to appeal to this predominantly young and enthusiastic market, with gamified elements to encourage engagement with the underlying content.

The initial dashboard design

The design evolved over a series of stages, and a decision was made to bring the project into the main PwC brand. The final design requires the user to scroll through a faux-3D landscape over which 'hotspots' appear. These hotspots are access points to content.

The final landing page The faux-3D landscape Three screens on a mobile device

There are various types of content available through the app: text articles, illustrations, videos, and tools such as the funding hub and NDA builder.

Funding hub

Startup journey is used as an example by PwC of how its brand can be 'pushed' to create different experiences for new audiences.

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