GoPark website

GoPark website

Responsive website for a revolutionary parking scheme

Agency: Livework  |  My role: lead UI
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GoPark is a revolutionary parking scheme which uses an app paired with a plug-in device in the user's car, to take the guesswork out of resident parking zones. I designed a website to promote the pilot scheme in Islington, London.

The landing page on a mobile device

The landing page provides a full overview of the scheme, with ample opportunities to sign up. It also features a video guide to demystify the concept.

The video on a mobile device

Resident parking rules in London are notoriously complicated – particularly in Islington, where additional regulations apply on Arsenal match days. The GoPark scheme detects a car's location within the borough and informs the user via an app if they can park in their current position, and for how long.

The landing page in full

The website aims to communicate the relatively complex concept in as simple a way as possible. I designed an infographic to show the components that work together on the user's behalf.

Infographic to explain how it works

It is anticipated that most users will access the site via a smartphone, so care was taken to ensure an optimal mobile experience.

Confirmation screen after a user signs up Get in touch for my latest work

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