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Freelance  |  My role: Senior Designer

YunoJuno is a highly successful UK start-up company which provides a platform for clients and elite freelancers to connect. Built on principles of simplicity and clarity, its visual design reflects its ethos.

I worked on two key projects for the company – a complete redesign of the 'marketplace' in which clients can search for freelancers, and a rework of the 'black book' to evolve it into more of a relationship management tool.

The form to create a brief


When a client wishes to search for a freelancer for their project, the first step is to create a brief. The form to do this is simple and focused. There is a live counter displaying the number of freelancers that will be displayed, to encourage clients to add detail. The results are displayed in a grid of cards:

Results page showing suitable freelancers

The cards can optionally be flipped to display more information from each freelancer's profile. The client can create a shortlist of their preferred freelancers:

Shortlisted freelancers

They can make notes on the freelancers in their shortlist, message them directly through the platform, schedule an interview if required, and ultimately book them. Shortlists can be shared with colleagues, who can vote on each freelancer:

Voting on a shared shortlist

Contacts – freelancer relationship management

Formerly known as 'black book', this redesign of the contacts section enables clients to manage their relationship with the freelancers that they or their colleagues have previously worked with.

Contacts listing screen Freelancer summary screen Voting on a shared shortlist

Working closely with one of the founders of YunoJuno, I helped to devise a new journey for clients booking freelancers from their contacts list. The intention was to raise awareness of IR35 regulations and to alert clients to the availability of other talented freelancers in the marketplace.

Reminding the client about IR35

Freelancer dashboard

An additional design that I created whilst at YunoJuno was for a new freelancer dashboard. This aims to increase engagement with the platform by providing more pathways to useful content and surfaces some of the hidden benefits of YJ membership.

New freelancer dashboard Next project: 6 degrees app