Eurostar homepage in a tablet

Eurostar homepage redesign

Excersising a new strategy for the pan-European railway

Freelance  |  My role: Lead UI Designer

Eurostar is the train operator providing direct services between London and several cities in mainland Europe. A change in the strategy of the company necessitated a redesign of the page to provide more inspiration and discoverability, while maintaining ticket searches. I was tasked with taking a set of concepts and designing a slick, high-fidelity new experience to help achieve these goals.

Below is a video of a prototype that I created in Principle:

Around 50% of visitors to the homepage view it on a mobile device. I designed, prototyped, tested and specified a series of components that are intended to make the page feel as engaging and interactive as possible across the full range of screen sizes.

The desktop homepage in full

The USPs component allows users to explore the compelling reasons to choose a train over a plane. It was borne from research into user behaviour on the previous homepage design, which featured static USP content. This research revealed that a significant number of users were seeking more information. Again I prototyped the component in Principle:

A few times every year, Eurostar releases several thousand seats at a bargain price. At these times they require an extremely prominent splash at the top of the homepage, which is capable of supporting their wider marketing campaign. I designed a 'takeover' that is flexible and easy to update, as shown in the example below which supports a campaign titled You see more when you don't fly:

Eurostar homepage campaign takeover

I worked independently but liaised regularly with the in-house product team, engaging with engineers to spec and review component builds. The overall project utilised a Design Thinking approach with regular prototyping and both qualitative and quantitative testing.

The release of the new design in A/B testing (just prior to the pandemic) saw a significant uplift in searches and traffic to content pages, compared to the previous homepage.

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